iPhone X

iPhone X "X-Logo" Colorlay Skins

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*Our all new, minimal look "X" skin is now available.  Protect your iPhone X while removing a little of that Apple branding and cleaning up the back of your phone.  Flawless fitting and easy to install, our skins help protect the rear of your phone from scuffs and scratches while adding some serious style, only from Grafixpressions!  

Colors shown in preview images is Gray.

Note: colors with an * beside them are premium colors and will affect pricing.

Installation tips: Installation is a breeze, we recommend spraying the adhesive side of the vinyl overlay with our E-Z Application Spray, then place the skin on the phone and squeegee out any liquid / bubbles with our Ultimate Felt Squeegee, lightly heat the edges with a hairdryer or heat gun to mold them for a flawless look.

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