10th Anniversary iPhone Skin for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

10th Anniversary iPhone Skin for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

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In honor of the 10th Anniversary of iPhone, we've created a simple yet gorgeous skin that replicates the look of the original iPhone.   

Please note, our E-Z Application Spray and squeegee's are optional products and are not included by default.

 *Limited Edition and available only in Classic Silver, includes a matte black bottom skin as well in case you do not have a black or jet black iPhone.

One of our customers was feeling very nostalgic after installing his 10th Anniversary iPhone Skin, he made this great video we'd love to share:

This product was featured on BGR.com (Boy Genius Report!)

... and was also reviewed on GadgetFlow!

Installation tips: Installation is a breeze, we recommend spraying the adhesive side of the vinyl overlay with our E-Z Application Spray, then place the skin on the phone and squeegee out any liquid / bubbles, let dry for a flawless look.

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